After 20 years of being a skin professional, I have been focused on makeup application. Over those years I have been asked countless times for advice, help and tips on skin care, my favorite products and what skin regimen is best for specific skin types. I am excited to announce I am finally opening up a division of Makeup Madame to bring to you the best SKYN care to Denver, Colorado. Now, on top of flawless makeup applications, I’m offering SKYN treatments  that will enhance your inner beauty, confidence and overall appearance – with or without makeup!  



All facials include “Crystal Therapy” if desired

Classic Facial // $60

This is our on the go 30 min facial. Serving Hydration, exfoliation and glow

Baddie Facial // $80

This facial is made to drench your skin in moisture, revive, brighten and add major glow to the skin! This is a great facial for dehydrated skin providing radiance and always serving hydration and extra plumpness! Ultra Sonic pore cleaner, Jade Contour, Lympatic drainage, exfoliation and charcoal mask.

Super Model Facial // $100

This facial is our most popular of facials. Made to minimize pores, brighten and tighten the skin, anti aging and for course providing a beautiful glow.  Ultra Sonic pore cleaner, Jade contour, Lymphatic drainage, light extractions on nose, exfoliation, and collagen mask.

Add Ons:

Jelly Mask // $25

Lindsay’s absolute favorite product. Choose from several different masks or have us customize the perfect one for you. THE hydrating mask with amazing GLOW!

High Frequency // $15

Helps eliminate acne & pimples, dark circles, difficult pores, anti-aging, anti-wrinkle and tightens the skin

Papaya Enzyme // $15

Dissolves away dull skin and impurities adds skin-brightening (cannot be used with dermaplaning)


This is a amazing treatment to brighten the skin, by exfoliating the top layer of skin and eliminate all the “peach fuzz”. Your makeup goes on so much smoother and the skin has the glowy effect everyone wants. This is a must have treatment, especially for brides! // $75


A lash lift is a treatment that enhances your natural eye lashes. A Keratin based product is applied to each of your individual lashes. The product makes your lashes appear thicker and fuller. We apply a black tint on them too, so your lashes are nice and dark creating the appearance of mascara! // $75


Brow Shape $30

Brow Wax    $25

Brow Tint      $20

Brow Shape + Tint $40

Brow Wax + Tint $35