Makeup Madame Glam Team is available for all of your Denver Local NPC shows! We provide MAKEUP & HAIR!!!!

         We do all of our glam appointments at the HOST HOTEL. We will provide you the room number we are in the night before the show via text around 7pm.

All of our makeup artists and hairstylist are all professional and very experienced. We can create any “stage look” you are looking for. 

 You must pay in full to schedule your appointment. Once invoice is sent please pay it within 24 hours.

$145* for full stage makeup
$110 for stage hair

Add $30 for clip in or ANY hair extensions (1 pack of hair)

*Human Hair eyelashes are included

Please notify Lindsay know when you are booking your Glam appointments that you want to add the option of hair extensions. It takes more time and we will not be able to install them the morning of your competition without knowing. 

It is very important you know how to prep your skin, hair and hair extensions before your appointments.  Please read all the details for the prep of your appointment(s). If steps are NOT followed properly, we may not be able to do your services the day of your competition. All this info is located in a few paragraphs below. Please read thoroughly! 

If you are wanting a 3D Mink Lashes, please let Lindsay know when you book your glam appt. She can provide the lashes the day of your competition or you can purchase your lashes here: Makeup Madame Cosmetics.

 We accept VENMO, Square Cash and Paypal for payment.


PLEASE BRING A MASK WITH YOU TO YOUR GLAM APPT. WE CAN NOT DO YOUR MAKEUP OR HAIR WITHOUT A MASK. IT IS THE LAW IN COLORADO! WE WILL DECLINE YOUR APPT if you refuse to wear a mask. We will be taking your temperature the moment you enter the room. We will provide hand sanitizer. We will decline any service with a temperature over 100.4. Again this is the law in CO. There will be no refunds if you have a temperature.  Please do NOT bring anyone with you to your appt. Please leave all of your personal property and bags in your room or car. Thanks for your understanding!



Please read all the info so you know how to prep your skin, hair and hair extensions for your BIG DAY!

Please read over these recommendations and info for the day of your Fitness Comp. If you have booked a Makeup Appointment, be sure to read the Makeup Requirements. If you have booked a hair appointment with us, be sure to read the Hair Requirements. If you’ve booked both, please read both sections thoroughly. 


 Makeup Requirements

Wear a robe or button up shirt without a hood.

DO NOT spray tan your face under any circumstance.

Arrive with moisturized face and lips.

ALL of our artists are extremely skilled in stage makeup and know what will look best – feel free to bring ONE image that you favor for inspiration.

Please eat before or after your service. Not in our chair 🙂


Hair Requirements

Wear a robe or button up shirt without a hood.

If you have hair extensions and/or a wig, you must let Lindsay know when booking. 

Wash and blow dry your hair smooth the day before your competition.

DO NOT arrive with wet hair under any circumstance.

DO NOT use any styling tools other than a blow dryer on your hair (i.e. flat iron or curling iron). Your hair stylist will style your hair with these hot tools.

If you have long hair, sleep with your hair loose or in a low pony tail (no bun).

If you have naturally wavy or curly hair and want your hair styled with a curling iron or flat iron, please smooth your hair out as much as possible with a blow drier the night before your show.  If you want your hair natural curly on stage please let Lindsay know so she can give you more care on how to achieve this look.

Please eat before or after your service. Not in our chair 🙂 



If you have hair extensions please make sure they are clean and brushed through before your hair service. Dirty extensions are NOT allowed and we will not put them in. We only style 100% human hair extensions and wigs. They must be cut and colored prior to your show. We do not have time to cut  your extensions during your morning appt. If your hair extensions are BRAND NEW, you must wash them and air dry them completely, before your appt.  If you have really short hair PLEASE consult with Lindsay first to make sure hair extensions work for your length of hair. If you do not care for your extensions as we have asked, we may not be able to use them the day of your competition. 

Please eat before or after your service. Not in our chair 🙂 


Please know we do NOT provide touch ups. You are paying for only one service. Here are some recommendations for touch ups if needed.

Recommendations for Self-Touch Ups:

Translucent/Blot Powder or Blot Films 

A Lipstick or Lip Gloss with COLOR


Teasing Comb



 Important Note:

As you may know, Show Day is extremely busy and can be hectic. To best serve our clientele, we ask that all clients abide by the above requirements and reserve the right to refuse service. AND to anyone who has not followed the requirements.

MEDICAL ATTENTION: For ANYONE needing medical attention, please understand that we will call 911.  This is for your safety. If you require ANY medical attention, this will forfeit your glam appointment(s).

Payment is non-refundable if appointment is canceled. No roll overs. No selling of appt. No transfers. No refunds due to limited spots available. If you decide not to show up to your appt the day of the show, you do not receive a refund. No refunds. Please keep in mind once your agreed scheduled time is selected for makeup and or hair, we need to stick with that time. We book out every show and have no room to move you after your time is selected.  By paying your invoice, you are agreeing to the terms and conditions.

 Thanks for your understanding!